New Sewerage System

Sewerage Works will commence on 7 Nov through to 14 Aug 2017

Notes from the recent Anglian Water presentation on 25th May 2016

John Lambert and Raf Smigiel represented Anglian Water and brought with them plans and illustrations which have remained in the hall.  PDFs of these are available here.


John and Raf helped residents with a non-specific, comparison of costs for connecting at the time of the new sewer, or at a future date.

Connect at time of new sewer (not obligatory)

Costs to be covered by the resident:

Lateral pipe from property boundary 
Building Consent application
Water bill will double

Connection at a later date

These costs will be covered by Anglian Water if the resident connects at the time of the new sewer installation

Pay full cost to connect from sewer to property boundary
Pay for road closures

Anticipated cost - £5,000

Next Step

6 – 8 weeks before construction begins, all residents will be invited to an Open Day, to be held in the Village Hall.  Date to be confirmed.

At this point, individual connections and costs can be discussed.

In the meantime, John Lambert has said that he is happy to help with any queries and you can contact him on:

01733 414460

The Parish Council will keep residents informed and any news will be posted on the website and noticeboard.

At the Parish Council meeting on 30th March 2016, Mark Pickering and Peter Dobson from Anglian Water presented.

These were the main points:

Scheme progressing well.  Location near to the Village Green has been approved and the Deed of Grant has been secured.

Water Recycling Centre have agreement in principle with Lord Ramsey (land owner) for access to land.

Road notices for closures, agreed in principle, and Highways on board.

Environment Agency and Natural England to discharge sewerage treatment works. 

A 3rd party stakeholder statement expected shortly.

Cost for homes to bear - from fence line to individual access.
Luminous homes will be invited to connect.

Project duration expected to take 6/9 months. 

Expected village on mains sewerage by middle of next year, at the latest.

Program start expected October/November 2016.

6 weeks ahead of program start, public will be invited to attend a presentation and opportunity for one to one discussions with Anglian Water.