Meetings are usually held in the Village Hall.

At the beginning of a meeting there is an open 'public' section where members of the public are welcome to address the Council on any matter on the agenda.

All documents relating to meetings are available from the Clerk, on request.  These will then be forwarded to you or you will be advised where you can view a copy of these.  This is your right, so please do ask. 

To contact the Clerk:

email: or call 01733 662805 / 07588873441

Planning documents

The Parish Council are no longer sent paper copies of planning applications and associated documents. 
All planning documents can be found online by going to

Schedule of meetings

31st May 2017 - 7pm - Annual Parish Meeting agenda

31st May 2017 - 7.30pm - Annual Meeting of the Parish Council agenda


Notice of a meeting is displayed on the village notice board as well as posted on here.  The agenda for a meeting is posted 3 clear days ahead of a meeting.  If you would like to suggest the Council discuss a particular item, please contact the Clerk 1 week before a meeting.